Wedding price guide

When choosing your wedding flowers there are several factors to take into consideration; Many flower varieties are available all year around but it is always better to choose flowers which will be in season at the time of your wedding. This is because they will be larger, better quality blooms than flower varieties that have been forced to grow out of their natural season, they will also be generally less expensive.

If you have set your heart on a Valentines or Christmas wedding, they are wonderful themes to work with BUT the cost of your wedding flowers will be considerably higher than at any other time of year, simply because the huge demand pushes the flower auction prices up. 

We do not offer wedding packages because we know that no two weddings are the same in their requirements. Rather than giving you minimum starting prices for The Petal Boutique’s wedding flowers, we prefer to give you guide prices that don’t skimp on flower quality and content, and are a realistic expectation of how much to spend to get fabulous flowers for your wedding day. Where there is a price range, the higher the amount spent, the larger, fuller and more beautiful your flower arrangements become.

Hopefully, these prices will be helpful to you as you initially plan your wedding costs.

Bride’s hand tied bouquet £85 • Bride’s wired shower bouquet £120
Adult/teenage bridesmaid’s hand tied bouquet £50
Child bridesmaid’s hand tied bouquet £30
Child bridesmaid’s basket or pomander £30
Child’s Rose wand £10
Rose buttonhole £5 • Rose with fillers buttonhole £6.50
Corsage £12
Wrist corsage £15                                                                                                                                         

Flower crown £20 - £50
Front facing arrangements £30 - £100 • Large pedestal arrangements £100 - £200
Pew ends £20 - £50
Arrangements/filled vessels for smaller tables £25 - £50
Arrangements/filled vessels for large tables £50 - £100
Long and low top table arrangement £30 per foot
Large candelabra arrangements £80-£150 (includes candelabra hire) 

There are so many more possibilities such as flower filled tea cups, jam jars and jugs or birdcages and wishing trees.

Lanterns, fairy lights and candles can be incorporated into flower arrangements for a wonderful atmosphere at your evening reception. Always check with your venue to make sure real candles are permitted.